Rebonded Foam


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Jit Jenn Tan


PU foam is widely used in vast number of industries. In 2011, 675 000 tons of polyurethane foam was abandoned in China from manufacturing*. Its hard to decompose and incinerate nature makes it even more troubling to dispose of.

Designed to address the demand for beautiful objects amid a time of environmental awareness, Temperance is a side table that embodies a balance of abstinence and indulgence.

Created using rebonded foam, a material derived from recycled scrap foam with different colours that are compressed together, creating a firm and aesthetic contemporary mosaic material. Its mid-section allows for convenient storage of books or magazines.

What was once waste metamorphs into a conversation piece representing the virtue of temperance, an object of responsible beauty.

*research conducted by Dongjiang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd and School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

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