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Lasalle, College of the Arts

The Better Bench Project

Final year project for Lasalle, College of the Arts under the BA Product Design Course.

A design movement that aims to oppose hostile architecture benches, creating hacks to give them a positive purpose and raise awareness of the issues caused by such design. A flip up table that can be attached to any tube railing. When not in use, the table can be brought down and flushed against the bench. Its purpose is not to solve the problem of hostile architecture, but to encourage discussion into the issues and ethics of the urban design strategy. 

Created from epoxy resin, M4/M8 screws and an acrylic surface, the table is easy to construct and due to its transparency, does not obscure the railing when installed. Silicon rubber molds were created for each part in order to allow for a designer to be able to manufacture the parts for easy circulation.

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